Centrifugal Mobile Cleaning Station

Centrifugal Mobile Cleaning Station

January 31, 2024

Thode Knife & Saw Auckland recently purchased a mobile cleaning station marketed by Iseli.

The centrifugal system gives superior cleaning of oil coolant over their older filter system which was fitted to their manufacturing centre. 

When the machine was first connected to the top and face grinder the coolant was at a stage that it was due for a full change. After running the centrifuge for a week, the coolant was back to its near original colour.

They now rotate the RUMA on all their machines.

Darren Clissold, Auckland Production Manager, is thrilled with both the efficiency of the cleaner and the massive cost savings from not having to replace the specialised grinding oils they run in their machines.

He also enjoys the ease of set-up and the lock out switch which means the machine complies with H&S requirements.

Thode Canada and OFO Australia are also thrilled with the operation of their RUMA cleaning units

Contact your THODE REP to find out more about these machines.