Iseli KHB110 Niagara Sawmill

October 22, 2020

Our latest Iseli machine install is the KHB110 circular grinder, the machine has been purchased by Niagara and has been installed in their Kennington Sawmill Sawshop. The KHB110 is unique in that it can top, face and bevel grind TCT and Stellite tipped saw in one pass as well as fully profile fusion welded Stellite saws with just a wheel and program change. Niagara have eliminated all of there off site saw servicing as the KBH110 allows them to service the complete range of circular saws they have on site with one machine, the range of saws includes fusion welded Stellite edger’s TCT trimsaw, optimised docking saws, finger jointer trim and cut to length saws as well as a range of other general purpose saw blades.

The KBH110 is an 8 axis CNC and is capable of grinding any tooth configuration currently in use (apart from hollow face)and hasunlimited tooth program storage in its Windows based control system and is fitted with a user friendly touch screen interface that allows fast programming and retrieval of tooth profiles.

This machine runs on a Full flood oil coolant that helps reduce the maintenance costs for the machine as well as extending the service life of the machine by 2-3 times that of a similar machine running a water based coolant. With the recent introduction of long life CBN wheels and oil cooling the consumables costs are significantly reduced. The machine is also fitted with an on board fire suppression system as an added safety feature. Current Iseli CNC oil coolant machines running in NZ (both band and circular) have to date incurred no or minimal maintenance costs over a 5 year period.

The Sawshop staff at Niagara are over the moon with the new machine and finds it is preforming above expectation.

If you are looking to upgrade any of your saw servicing equipment please contact your Thode Rep for a full list of Iseli machinery available through Thode Knife & Saw.

Picture below is Niagara's Head Sawdoctor Craig Mc Dermott