Massive leap in technology for Bandsaw Shop" self programming & self setting bandsaw profile grinder (Iseli BNP200)

July 07, 2021

Iseli Latest Technology


Programming tooth shapes is still a major challenge for many customers. The ISELI Tooth Tracing System (TTS) can help! The tooth shape of the saw you desire to be emulated can be probed automatically by an acoustic sensor and saved as the tooth shape of your choice. The data obtained is then used for sharpening in the recipe. Parameters such as tooth profile, hook and back angles, tooth height, variable pitch and depths etc, are automatically determined and saved by the program.

This process enables the exact reproduction of existing tooth shapes directly on the machine without a great effort. These can be used going forward on all saws you have in service. So an exact repeat of tooth profiles on every saws

Inaccuracies are also copied, which means that the removal and thus the costs can be reduced to a minimum, even if the profile is not precisely defined. In addition, inaccuracies on the grinding wheel are compensated for when probing and enables absolutely precise grinding of the profile, even with a worn grinding wheel.

Tooth shapes generated on a system using TTS can be read in other ISELI machines of the BNP series.


Automatic insertion of the blade is now possible. The machine inserts the blade until a height pre-set in the recipe has been reached; the machine then closes the saw clamp. The first saw tooth is determined and the tooth pitch is calculated. In the case of variable tooth shapes, the group of teeth is automatically detected. This significantly reduces operating errors and the effort involved in searching for variable divisions.

The saw blade can be inserted / lifted to the stop point automatically on demand in automatic mode. The search for teeth and the determination of the zero point takes place automatically and the grinding process is started. In summary, the operator can insert the blade and start the machine by pushing the start button. The rest of the work is done automatically by the machine. The option is completed with a revised height adjustment, which works faster and more precisely thanks to a variable-speed drive.