Iseli KHB110 Niagara Sawmill

October 22, 2020
Our latest Iseli machine install is the KHB110 circular grinder, the machine has been purchased by Niagara and has been installed in their Kennington Sawmill Sawshop.

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Onefortyone Mt Gambier Australia Iseli RZ1

September 09, 2020
Onefortyone Mt Gambier Australia recently took delivery of a New Iseli RZ1.

Onefortyone's Matt Bowering on the left and Mark Barrington on the right after successful commissioning of their new Iseli RZ1 supplied by Thode Knife & Saw

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A World Leader in Saw Shop Machinery

July 29, 2020
Thode has been very busy in recent times with Saw shop machinery upgrades. Partnered with Iseli who are recognised as the world leader in Sawmill saw shop machinery Thode has delivered more saw shop solutions to industry in the past three years than it did in the previous ten years.

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Oil CBN versus Water Miscible

May 28, 2020
My thoughts on oil / CBN versus old school vitrified wheels and soluble oil in water

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MVM Virtual Fair

May 05, 2020
The tour offers you the opportunity to see our machines exactly as you might have seen them on our exhibition stand at the big trade fairs, that have now been cancelled by the organizers due to Covid-19 emergency.

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Iseli stand Ligna 2019

March 21, 2020

2019 was a huge year both for Thode and Iseli in regard to machinery sales. Kevin Parker from Thode worked on the Iseli stand representing New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The flow on machinery sales achieved since Ligna has been extremely encouraging and is a testament to the brand and service.

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Thode at the Kanefusa Seminar during Ligna 2019

March 21, 2020

Kevin Parker and Darren Clissold (2nd and 4th from right) representing Thode at the Kanefusa Seminar during Ligna 2019.

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Iseli Canada Press Release

November 02, 2019
It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Iseli Agency for Canada has been taken on by Thode Knife & Saw. Thode have been providing filing-room solutions with Iseli Machinery throughout New Zealand and Australia for many years, while building up a wealth of knowledge on the benefits that Iseli Machinery has in the modern filing room.

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New Iseli install in Australia

July 26, 2019

Troy Kidman and Matt Laity of AKD Colac next to one of their new Iseli BNP200’s. Thode recently supplied AKD with 2 of Iseli’s latest 3 axis BNP200 profile complete with automatic tooth tracing along with a new Iseli SAA tipper, these machines compliment the Iseli 4 axis side grinder (EM300) and the Iseli RZ1 auto bench purchased 2 years ago for AKD’s Colac Saw-shop.

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New Iseli RZ1 Install Canada

July 06, 2019

Our latest happy customer Produits Forestiers D&G Canada, have taken a leap for the future and invested in the latest Iseli RZ1.

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Red Stag Saw Shop

June 22, 2019
Red stag have the latest Iseli technology in there saw shop

With two sets of quad saws requiring saw changes every six hours on average, a brand new saw shop has been built, much thought went into the planning and equipping this important element of the operation.

The saw shop is bright and airy and features the latest automatic saw sharpening equipment made by Swiss manufacturer, Iseli, considered to be the best in the world. Under saw shop manager Regan Eisenhut, the facility is kept meticulous.

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Thode Knife & Saw Canada

June 06, 2019

Phil Higgins Thode Canada’s Manager presents Roy Fillion with a set of Vernier Callipers which Roy won in a draw. Olly Mooney in the background worked on the Thode stand along with John Eisenhut (Thode's Bandsaw Plant Manager) and Philipp Iseli at the British Columbia Saw Fliers Association Convention in Kamloops in April 2019.

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April 05, 2019

Another site that has taken the leap into the latest technology that Iseli has to offer.

Trevor Payne (Head Sawdoctor) Wespine next to his new Iseli BNP200 supplied by Thode. Trevor says the site’s band saw cracks are now a thing in the past after the installation of his new BNP200.

Please contact us if you would like a quote on any of the machines Iseli offer, we are more than happy to help you out with all your saw shop needs, our contact email is

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Latest Iseli Machinery

January 17, 2019
Come check out the latest machinery on display at our Rotorua Branch 316 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua

We have the Iseli BNP110 bandsaw grinder & Iseli KHP110 circular saw grinder on display and ready to be shipped out to you ex Rotorua branch, please contact us for pricing or for any other machinery requirements.

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Congratulations to Pakii

January 16, 2019

Thode Knife & Saw would like to congratulate Pakii from our Rotorua Factory on achieving the New Zealand certificate in solid wood manufacturing Saw Doctoring Level 3, We are pleased with your achevments and dedication.

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The Iseli Machinery agency for Canada has been awarded to Thode Knife & Saw

December 12, 2018
It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Iseli Agency for Canada has been taken on by Thode Knife & Saw.

Thode have been providing filing-room solutions with Iseli Machinery throughout New Zealand and Australia for many years, while building up a wealth of knowledge on the benefits that Iseli Machinery has in the modern filing room.

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Thode Knife & Saw Rotorua

September 22, 2018

SAW MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER, THODE KNIFE & SAW, Rotorua, where it is better placed to service and support customers in the sawmilling and wood processing sector.

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New Site for Thode Auckland

July 29, 2018
After many years at Station Road Thode has moved to 14 Penrose Road. We now have all operations housed in a modern high stud building which brings a bright and airy workplace.

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How sawdust is worth $500,000

July 26, 2018
A Rotorua-based timber "super mill" is generating its own electricity in amounts sufficient to power a town the size of Whakatane.

The Red Stag Timber Company, which annually processes more than one million tonnes of logs at its Waipa mill, is using its waste wood as renewable fuel rather than trucking it to landfill and paying for its disposal – avoiding an annual power bill of up to $1 million in the process.

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EP Cutter Announcement

May 07, 2016
We are very pleased to announce that We Can Precision Engineering have purchased the Woodworking division of Eric Paton Ltd

Thode Knife and Saw have been appointed the sole distributors of Fingerjoint Tooling & EP Cutters previously manufactured by Eric Paton.

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Niagara Sawmilling Delighted with Iseli RZ1

January 29, 2016
After being faced with the proposition of losing a Saw Doctor and not many candidates available, Ken Richardson, Managing Director of Niagara Sawmilling in Invercargill, looked at investing in machinery to fill the gap this would leave.He had been aware that Craig Pine, who are close by, had reduced their Sawshop numbers after getting an RZ-1 and that was his goal.

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End of an Era

April 11, 2015
After 34 years as Manager and CEO of Thode Knife & Saw, Jim Hoyle has decided it is time to retire from full time employment. Jim has been instrumental in the substantial growth of Thode Knife & Saws’ business in Australasia over the past years.

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